For me, the artificial separation of art, architecture, craft and design does not exist. My work includes objects from functional vessel to abstract sculpture, from the tiny to the 3 tonne steel sculpture, from the curious to the spiritual. My approach is questioning, laconic, sometimes ironic, poetic, surreal and sometimes anarchic.

The material glass allows me to combine the three-dimensionality of forms with the colorfulness of painting. In addition to colour, haptics are a vital element of my art, too. For me, the traditional Venetian techniques of glass blowing in combination with ingenious surface engravings are perfect to convey my artistic concepts.

I expect of property that it honors us. I am a passionate fighter against the insignificance of things. One of my trips took me to the Northern Territories to the Aboriginal people. They teached me that everything can be seen and interpreted on several levels. This world outlook has accompanied me ever since and finds expression in my art and design, too.