2012 EUROPEAN SCULPTURE - methods, materials, poetry
Edsvik Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden, in collaboration with Sulpture Network Int.

„I am a passionate investigator of form, colour and light.

My art does not reproduce what is visible, rather it makes things visible, revealing new dimensions hidden beneath the surface. I am interested in a poetic synthesis of memories and meditation, of observation and notes. It’s all about allegories. I am working in cycles, exploring an idea, image or allegorical reference through a number of related pieces that provide various approaches. Colour is a vital element that plays an important role in my art. An iterant theme is  nature, depicted by abstraction or radical reduction of the idea.The material presence of the glass objects scintillates according to both the quality and the angle of light and, of course, the place as an open and ambiguous system. Complex and yet visible spaces of meaning, interwoven with the optical illusionism of  the quality immanent in the material and its artistic treatment.“ Eva Moosbrugger in Exhibition Catalogue European Sculpture, p. 24.